buffydork99's Journal

This Heart Will Start A Riot In Me
22 April
Photobucket Photograph of me Taken by Sarah Kalagvano http://www.sarahkalagvano.com/

I'm a college graduate Purchase College 08'. I like to sing, play guitar, and write music. I aspire to work in the field of music business/industry one day. I love school. My family. my friends. and my dog zoe.

**This is a journal of me and its friends only so if you see anything that interests you, you add me and i'll add you.**

Things I enjoy/love: Paramore, Tegan and Sara, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, 410 BC (www.410bc.com), the L Word, Tattoos, Music, Weekends etc.
410 bc, acoustic guitar, adam brody, alex and marissa, all we know, american apparel, baseball (go mets!), beatboxing, black and white photos, black labs, boy underwear, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, care bears, carmen and shane, concerts, converse, cuddling, d.e.b.s., death cab for cutie, degrassi, doggies, dominique swain, dylan's candy bar, final riot, fiona apple, fireworks, food, frank sinatra, franklin tennessee, french fries, girls with guitars, glee, going out to dinner, gwen stefani, harriet the spy, hayley williams, heffalumps, jenny lewis, jeremy davis, jessica harp, john mayer, jones soda, jordana brewster, josh farro, karaoke, kate moennig, kristen stewart, lea michele, leisha hailey, lo vanity, longboarding, marissa and alex, mia kirshner, michael buble, michael ian black, movies, music, new york, new york mets, nicole richie, nike dunks, no doubt, olivia wilde, once and again, once more with feeling, paramore, playing guitar, radio free roscoe, reese's peanut butter cups, rent, rilo kiley, riot, romanticism, san diego, sarah michelle gellar, sarah shahi, scooby doo, sector 9 longboards, seinfeld, seth cohen, sex and the city, shane and carmen, shenny, shooting stars, singing, skinny jeans, sleeping, sneakers, sperry topsiders, spice girls, spongebob square pants, superman, suspenders, sweatpants, taking pictures, taylor york, tegan and sara, the 80's, the goonies, the hippos, the l word, the muppets, the o.c., the postal service, the simple life, urban outfitters, vans, zac efron, zac farro